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Fluffy Bastards

Fluffy Bastards is a first-person shooter in a grotesque fantasy world where you play as Theodore, a humble gamekeeper. The main goal of the game is simple - destroy all rabbits that stand in your way and save the world. Do quests, get the best weapons, and find out how to stop the invasion of bloodthirsty rabbits! Damn you!


Gulag is a first-person survival game in which you try to escape from death camp in Soviet Russia and survive in the wilderness of Siberia. Do all it takes to survive. Fight your way to freedom and a better life. Find resources, craft needed tools, and experience various scenarios the game has to offer!

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We're an indie game developer creating games with passion and love. We pay extra attention to engaging gameplay and extraordinary graphics. In our studio, we put our distinctive style first and each game has its own! We have heads full of ideas and a few projects we're currently working on. Stay tuned for more info!